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Answers - General

  • What is is a personal productivity web-based free application designed to organize tasks quickly and easily.

    Used everyday, it will also become the ideal place to store information in a hierarchical way, built on your own model. Records on your professionnal contacts... Your DVDs collection... The only limit for organizing information is your imagination.

  • What are supported browsers

    Internet Explorer 6.0+
    Firefox 3.0+
    Google Chrome

  • How much does it cost

    Using online is free.

    If you are a company and wish to install internally for its employees, please contact us.

  • Why did I receive an email from requires email validation, and generates emails to users in several occasions. Unfortunately, users sometimes make typos in the email address and the email is sent to the wrong person. If you received an email that you did not trigger, you may ignore it: it does not mean that your email has been compromised.

Answers - My account

  • How to sign up?

    To create an account, go to this page.

    In order to sign up and start managing your tasks, you must provide an email that will be used as login, and a password of at least 6 characters. A confirmation email will be sent to this adress. We will use your email to keep you informed about any changes to and send your password if you forget it. Under no circumstances will we pass it on to third parties.

  • Why do I need to validate my email address?

    When you create an account, you receive validation mail that contains a link for you to click on. As an alternative, it also contains a code that you can type at this page. This step is required to be able to sign in to your tasks management page.

  • I did not receive the validation mail. What should I do?

    Several cases:
    - The email has been detected as spam by your internet service provider or your email client software
    - The email has been lost due to a technical problem
    - Please verify that there was no typo in the address you typed

    If you do not manage to recover it, you can ask for a new validation email at this page.

  • I forgot my password. What should I do?

    Please use this page. By providing you email address, you will have an email sent that will enable you to recover your password.

Answers - Tasks management

  • How can I create a new task?

    In order to create a new task in your task management page, click on the button:

    New task

    In order to create a new subtask in your task tree, click this button on an existing task:


  • How can I drag and drop tasks?

    Move the mouse pointer over a task, then press the left mouse button without releasing it and move the mouse pointer. The task leaves its place and you can drag it, and drop it elsewhere.

  • What are the keyboard shortcuts?

    Arrow up, Arrow down: move the selection up, down.

    Arrow right, Arrow left: expand subtasks of the selected task, collapse them.

    Tab or Shift+Arrow right: demote the selected task.

    Shift+Tab or Shift+Arrow left: promote the selected task.

    Shift+Arrow up, Shift+Arrow down: move the selected task up or down.

    Enter: create a new subtask of the selected task. In a confirmation dialog, agree.

    Shift+Enter: mark the selected task as done.

    Del: delete the selected task.

    F2: edit the selected task.

    ESC: cancel a task creation or modification, cancel picking a date, close a dialog.

    Ctrl+B: switch normal / bold characters for the selected task.

  • How to set a due date?

    You can set a due date with only one click in the datepicker, or type a command using natural language. Here are a few examples:

    - tomorrow
    - wednesday
    - tomorrow 1430
    - thursday 14h30
    - friday 14:30
    - in 10 days
    - in 1 week
    - in 3 months
    - in 1 year

Answers - Profile / Settings

  • How can I change my email address?

    You need to be logged in. In your profile, replace your current email address with a new one and submit. An address change email will be sent to your new address. Inside, there is a link that you will need to click to validate your new address. Once you have clicked on the link, your email address change is done and you must use this address to login.

  • How can I change my password?

    In your profile, you have to provide your current password and twice the new password. It should not be smaller than 6 characters.

  • How can I delete my account?

    When you are logged in, please open your profile page and click on the button below:

    I wish to delete my account

    You can also delete your account at this page.





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