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Small update adding useful features for dates management. Choose a date format in the tab 'Profile'. To set a due date, advanced commands are available, more information here.

Keyboard shortcuts

The fourth major update is out. Keyboard shortcuts have been added and allow navigating through the hierarchy and trigger almost all the available features. There are also a few other improvements:

  • . Promote / Demote tasks down the hierarchy
  • . Site design improvement
  • . Bug fixes: no more task without a name, edit only one task at once, better selected task management

New site design

Brand new site design! A new look and new structure for a better user experience. Along with this major redesign of the site, several other minor modifications were also introduced:

  • . New feature: tasks titles font can now be bold
  • . New page: future plans
  • . New page: FAQ
  • . Bug fix: session is not lost anymore when switching subdomains
  • . Bug fix: the detailed task sheet is now also mobile on Safari and Chrome browsers
  • . Bug fix: no more duplicates when creating a new task

Drag and drop

Click on the task you want to detach from its parent and drag it to its new location. This feature lets you manage your task tree more efficiently, changing its structure in a few mouse clicks and moves.

We also made a few minor developments:

  • . Bug fix: it is not possible anymore to add subtasks to a completed or deleted task

Due dates

A new feature has been added, allowing picking a due date for each task. When the due date is near (24 hours), the task turns yellow. When the task is overdue, it turns red. In the tasks list, a clock icon indicates that a task has a due date.

The site is online

The site finally opened after a long beta-test phase

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