About Why hierarchical task management?

As I often say, the web is kind of like the wild west. Anything can be created, anything can be imagined. Every day new needs appear that could be turned into business. The information world is a parallel universe where every entity, every person, every place, every concept, every interaction mechanism of the real world can have its avatar.

Having this is mind, one can have a deep feeling of freedom, the feeling that everything is possible and can be done.

For someone who knows internet quite well and has entrepreneurial skills, opportunities abound and ideas come at a high pace. Every day, every week new ideas appear, often good ideas that would deserve some time for testing them and verifying if they have already been materialized. Each of them could potentially lead to the creation of something that would enrich the internet world and, in parallel, the real world.

Here comes the wish to contribute to the world by creating something useful and innovative.

However, without effective organization, there is not enough time... ideas accumulate in a fertile mind without managing to get things done. Big lines are there but details stay fuzzy and hard to estimate. Having a great idea can lead to a feeling of pleasure and even excitement when thinking about benefits that could be achieved through it, but it is double-edged: it makes the idea a recurring obsession if it is not materialized.

A strong feeling of frustration comes from it: the feeling of having an immense task to accomplish without really knowing where to start. A feeling of despair which rises with each new idea, because experience has taught that, once again, the idea will not become a reality. So these ideas persist as unprocessed information, which seems to be a loss of energy and engenders stress.

It is necessary to look into personal organization and different task management techniques. Lots of books to read about this! The web is a goldmine of information on task scheduling and personal organization. Numerous articles describe techniques to improve managing these ideas, these tasks, so that they become a plus instead of a heaviness.

Thus emerged the basic principles that allow to achieve optimal actions:

  • The accumulation of 'things to do' in the mind of the subject is a generator of stress. Consequently, it's possible to rid oneself of this accumulated stress by 'depositing' these thoughts, these ideas, these 'things to do' somewhere else, whether on paper, on a recording, or saved in a file or in a database.
  • Thoughts are sometimes fleeting... Access to support must be nearly instantaneous: if a few minutes pass, the information can be lost.
  • In order to be able to adapt to the complexity of large projects or accomplishments, tasks must be organized into a hierarchy in the form of a classification tree.

actionmanager.net was created with these key requirements.


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